Ready to see your main character come to life? Searching for that broody, sexy alpha? Looking for a sexy couple who brings the fire? I am here for IT and here for YOU! 
Browse from previous shoots and purchase images, book an exclusive shoot with one of our featured models OR chat with me and let's cast someone specific to your tastes. Whatever it is, I am 100% here to make this easier for you and can't wait to read whatever you have coming soon!

Broody • Sexy • Romantic



3 models

2 models

1 model

Pre-Exisiting Photos


Pick any 2 photos from the shoot.
Receive 4 teaser photos from the same shoot

The teaser images can only be used as promotional images and not for cover or merchandise.


Pick any 1 photo from the shoot.
Receive 2 teaser photos from the same shoot

The teaser images can only be used as promotional images and not for cover or merchandise.

This is where you choose the model/models, share with me the vision and type of appearance you want them to have.  We discuss outfits and hair/makeup and once we decide on a few themes, I go ahead and schedule the shoot.  From this shoot you can choose ( depending on the package chosen) your images and the rest are kept for you and you only. They will not be online for anyone else to browse.  This is a shoot specifically for you and YOUR book!

what is a custom shoot

Custom Shoots

The thoughts and viewpoints expressed by any model, their manager/agency, clients, subcontractors, or vendors are solely their own and may not reflect the official perspectives, opinions, policies, or stance of Emma Jane Photography. Please note that according to our agreement, cancellations or refunds cannot be issued based solely on such instances.

The model said/posted something I dont agree with. Now what?

Absolutely. Hair/Eye Color, clothing, adding or removing tattoos can be done.  Do you want an Alien? Go for it? Wolf eyes? YES PLEASE!
The Photo still remains copyrighted to Emma Jane Photography.

Can me/my designer alter the image?

Exclusive licensing of one image for one book/ebook cover . This covers all forms of the one Work , including ebook, physical copies, and audiobooks for an indefinite amount of time, globally, and without sales restrictions.  You may also use the image for teasers and free swag.

What can I use the purchased image for?

YES! Every photo is now exclusive and you can be sure that your cover is not going to have the same exact cover as another book.  What about similar images you ask? Here is a full explanation! 

Are the photos exclusive?



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