What is the meaning of exclusivity?

I will evaluate similarities between images and will only sell another picture from the same collection if it meets specific criteria to be considered a distinct image.
To distinguish the difference, we employ a system that requires the image to have at least two significant variations . If the image has fewer than two key differences, it will be removed from the website and not available for sale.

This includes but is not limited to: 
* Different Locations (street, fields, beach, different walls, behind buildings, etc.)
* Head position (up, down, left, right, etc.)
* Expression/mood (serious, angry, smiling, etc.)
* Clothing (shirt style, different types of pants, hat on versus hat off, etc.)
* Position of each arm (raised up, touching chin, etc.)
* Position of each hand (holding glass, fingers in hair, etc.)
* Model's position + angle (standing, sitting, facing left, right, etc.)
* Tattoo visibility (visible in the shot, obstructed, additional artwork, etc.)
* Genre (same pose but Mafia vs Sports, etc.)


Custom shoot

I highly recommend booking out a custom shoot. This way nobody has access to these images but you. The ones you do not select are NOT sold. You are the only person with images from this shoot.

What If i don't want anyone to have anything from the same shoot?

No.  While I did this offer this previously, I have made the business decision to make everything exclusive so you don't have an exact duplicate photo out there on another Author's books! 

Can an image be sold as non-exclusive?

Yep!  If the angles/face/pose is different, the outfit isn't relevant. If its the same outfit but the only difference is a turn to the left versus a turn to the right.. then NO and thats explained in more detail above. 

So can someone buy a photo in the same outfit?

Nope. We pull the image you purchased as well as anything that has more than 2 things in common.  See above for explicit details.

Will someone be able to purchase the same image?


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